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The Youth of Utah Advocacy Coalition is a youth-led organization (14 to 26) that seeks to empower young adults who are mentally ill, experiencing homelessness, and/or who have been involved in the system. YUTAC supports them in pursuing their own passions regarding grassroots activism, education, and advocacy.


The goal of YUTAC is to encourage youth advocates to have a leading role in shaping policy, ending stigma, and creating sustainable change in Utah communities. 

The image says "everyone desrves a place to live. Everyone deserves food, water, and healthcare. You don't need to "earn" the right to be human. In the bottom right corner is a rainbow with blue, brown, and pink. At the bottom left it says @YouthUTAC

"Nobody should have to 'earn' things that keep them alive. Food, water, shelter, housing, healthcare...these things should be provided to all no matter their circumstances. Asking for help with these things is not shameful, not a burden, and never ever something people should have to 'earn' the right to access. Though our society may not operate in a way that reflects this, do not take the failings of capitalism as a failure of self. You are already enough." - youth advocate @anarch.kitty


  • YUTAC exists to combat stigma associated with mental illness, homelessness, substance use, harm reduction, and system services in Utah communities.

  • YUTAC creates a safe, empowering, and encouraging community for young adults and youth to use their voice and share their experiences.

  • Youth and young adults should be given opportunities to make decisions about their continued healthcare, including in the foster care, mental health, and juvenile justice systems.

  • Disabled youth and young adults are entitled to autonomy, respect, dignity, and their constitutional rights.
  • YUTAC centers the goals, strengths, and desires of young adults in every aspect of their treatment and wraparound care.

  • Through leadership training, community organizing, events, creative arts, and policy change developed by YUTAC, young adults will advocate for themselves and others with lived experience in Utah.

  • YUTAC helps youth with lived experience develop and learn important life skills they need to succeed.

  • YUTAC supports the latest standards in evidence trauma-informed care and practices.

  • YUTAC centers the voices of young adults from communities who've been traditionally erased from the system, and our coalition stands in solidarity with other human rights, abolitionist, and social justice movements. 

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